Frequently Asked Questions

Medical Records

Please completely fill out the Release of Information Form and return it to our office in person, by mail, or by fax to 410-730-9990. If you are requesting to have records transferred from our office to another medical practice, there is no charge for the records transfer.

If you would like to obtain copies for your personal records, please note that there is a fee of $.68 per page that will be due at the time you pick up your records.

If your records are needed by a law office, life insurance company or alternate third party, please have the party contact us directly with their records request. You will need to sign a release of records with them before records can be sent. Fees for third party records requests differ from patient requests. Once we have received their request and compiled the records, an invoice will be sent directly to the requesting party.

Prescription Refills

Please contact your pharmacy and ask them to fax us a refill request.

If you contact the office directly, please make sure you have the name of all of the medications you need, the doses, and frequency, as well as the name and contact information for your pharmacy, prior to calling.


For all billing questions please contact Michele at our billing department @ 410-997-7315.

Copays, Self Pay, and Missing Appointment Fees

We ask that any copays, outstanding fees and balances be paid at the time of your visit.

We cannot send a bill for self-pay visits – all charges must be paid at the time of the appointment.

To avoid cancelation fees, please cancel your appointment at least a day before your appointment.

Prescribing Policies

We do not prescribe antibiotics over the phone or via an e-mail.

Scheduling or changing an appointment

Please contact our office at 410-730-9898 during normal business hours.

Inclement Weather 

Decisions on inclement weather are made on a case-by-case basis, usually early in the morning of the day in question. Please call the office at 410-730-9898 for more information on the day of your appointment. The outgoing phone message will contain any information pertaining to changes in our schedule.

Reminder Calls

Reminder calls for Dr. Kalikhman’s appointments are made two days prior to your appointment, by an automated phone system. If you cancel or change an appointment within 48 hours, you may still receive the phone reminder.

Reminder calls for Dr. Golle are made by our staff, the day before your appointment.


For updated list of insurance companies that are accepted at our office, please contact our billing department at 410-997-7315.

If you have questions regarding your specific insurance coverage, please contact the insurance company with the Member Services phone number printed on the back of your insurance card.